WIOTC is an international organization that builds an intelligent world where all things are interconnected.

Detailed introduction


Globally headquartered in Beijing, China, World Internet of Things Convention (hereinafter referred to as "WIOTC") is an internationally influential IoT organization that is authoritative, innovative and non-profit, also known as "IoT International Convention Organization". The organization has established directly affiliated agencies including Advisory Committee, WIOTC Organizing Committee, World IoT Economic Development Committee, World IoT Standard Working Organization Committee, World IoT Ranking List Working Committee, World IoT Foundation, World IoT Research Institute, and IoT Innovation Alliance as well as more than 20 global branches. In addition to setting up 17 industrial centers involving IoT Industry, Agriculture, Energy, Logistics, Culture and Education, Tou...

Mission of the WIOTC

Build an intelligent world where all things are interconnected

WIOTC is dedicated to building a global platform for the exchange of IoT technology, capital and talents, creating a leading industry of world IoT new economy, establishing a world IoT economic system, benefiting the IoT intelligent life, work and production in the new era of wisdom revolution of all peoples, promoting the progress and development of human society, and contributing to the realization of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Outcomes of the WIOTC


WIOTC has got recognition and participation from international organizations, including U.N. agencies, IoT organizations worldwide, and other international organizations.


WIOTC gathers resources from more than 50 international IoT associations, research institutions, and standard organizations.


WIOTC has organized more than 80 international meetings and forums.


WIOTC has established friendly relations with government agencies and diplomats from more than 100 countries.


WIOTC has received attention and recognition from media and think tanks. The idea and concept proposed by WIOTC were cited and reported by thousands of global media.


WIOTC gathers resources from more than 10,000 leading IoT enterprises in the world.


  1. WIOTC held a press conference.
    Proposing the term and concept of World IoT for the first time.
  2. IoT Innovation Alliance was founded in Beijing, and the news was published by the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission.
  3. Former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN and President of Philippines Duterte sent congratulatory letters when WIOTC Beijing Summit kicked off in Beijing.
    The “Beijing Declaration on the World IoT” was released in both English and Chinese.
  4. WIOTC leaders visited the ISO, ITU, the German Industrial Data Space, the German IoT Standard Working Group, the French-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and other institutions, which set the stage for establishing the World IoT standards.
  5. At the invitation of the ITU, UNDP, UNESCO, UNCTAD, WIOTC leaders attended the 2017 WSIS as representative of international organizations.
  6. World IoT Ranking List was firstly released, with 400 global enterprises appearing on the list. It was reported worldwide by more than 1000 media.
  7. ISO President Zhang Xiaogang, IEEE President Karen sent congratulatory letters and videos to WIOTC, extending congratulations on the success of WIOTC China Summit.
  8. As World IoT Innovation and Application Forum took place in Beijing, the President of the European Commission Juncker expressed his best wishes for the success of the event.
  9. When the 2018 annual conference was held (2018 WIOTC) in Beijing, the President of Philippines Duterte , former French Prime Minister RAFFARIN, the CENELEC President sent congratulatory letters, and the representative of UNESCO attended the event and delivered a speech for the opening ceremony.
    The first "World IoT White Paper" and 2018 WIOTRL Top 500 were released to the world.
  10. When the 2019 annual conference was held (2019 WIOTC) in Beijing, the President of Philippines Duterte sent congratulatory letters. He Pijie, former Standing Committee Member of the CPPCC, Dr. Clemens von Goetze, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in China, Andreas Dripke, Global Chairman of Diplomatic Council, Shi Dinghuan, former Counsellor of Counsellors' Office of the State Council and former Secretary-General of the Ministry of Science and Technology delivered speeches respectively.
    World IoT Connection Operating System was officially initiated.
    2019 WIOTRL Top 500 was released.
    World IoT Top 500 Enterprises Summit was held in Beijing.
  11. When the 2020 annual conference was held (2020 WIOTC) in Beijing, the European Commission sent a congratulatory message. Yu Hongjun, Vice Minister of the International Department of Central Committee of CPC, Andreas Dripke, Global Chairman of Diplomatic Council, and Moeen Haque, Ambassador of Pakistan to China all delivered their wonderful speeches. Shi Dinghuan, Chairman of 2020 WIOTC, former Counsellor of the Chinese State Council and former Secretary General of the Ministry of Science and Technology, delivered the keynote speech.
    2020 WIOTRL Top 500 was released.
    The first World IoT Awards was released.
    IoT World Fair was officially initiated online.
  12. 2021 WIOTC Summit Forum was successfully held online.
    Nearly ten million viewers and attendees including government leaders, ambassadors, councilors, experts, academicians, and corporate and media representatives from 80 some countries and regions joined and watched this online forum
  13. When the 2021 annual conference was held (2021 WIOTC) in Beijing, the President of Philippines Duterte sent a congratulatory letter, and Shahbaz Khan, Director of UNESCO Office in Beijing, Sirous Vatankhah Moghaddam, President of Center for Progress and Development of Islamic Republic of Iran Technology delivered speeches respectively.
    The events of Ambassador Forum, State Promotion Meeting, World IoT Top 500 Enterprises Summit impressed guests with insightful speeches and views.
    2021 WIOTRL Top 500, 2021 World IoT Awards and 2021 World IoT White Paper were released respectively.
    The Online Exhibition and Live Streaming Center of IoT World Fair was officially initiated.