Beijing Declaration

Beijing Declaration on the World Internet of ThingsDuring the course of social development, the information revolution, which is represented by Internet, has changed the traditional way of life and work, and promoted the progress of our society. Currently, both developed and developing countries are trying to seize the high ground of Internet of things (IOT) with their own advantages. But their understanding of IOT differs, resulting in different structures and standards and they don’t have the whole picture of human history in minds while looking at this new area. Therefore, we initiated the World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC) and first proposed the ideas of "World Internet of Things" and the fourth "Wisdom Revolution". And the Beijing Declaration on the World Internet of Things will be officially released today.It has been...

White Paper

The development history of human society is now seeing the change from the revolution of information featuring the Internet to the revolution of wisdom marked by the Internet of Things. This is the inevitable and natural course of the development of human history. The world's major powers have successfully formulated national IoT action Plans; IoT enterprises and scientific research institutions are springing up like mushrooms, actively engaged in the exploration, experimentation, innovation, application and development of Internet of Things and eager to seize the high ground of IoT and share the trillion-dollar cake of world IoT new economy.However, the cognitive and theoretical basis, attribute, definition, architecture system, development plan, economic model and global connection operation, economic mode of the world Internet...