The Internet of Things Innovation Alliance (IOTIA) is a cooperative innovation platform initiated and created by World Internet of Things Convention. Following the spirit of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” brought up by Primer Li Keqiang, such platform for cooperation and innovation was formed for all startups, innovation companies and enterprises in transition to better understand the structure of the emerging Chinese and global IOT economy, to advance and take the lead in the coming intelligent IOT era, to facilitate the development of the IOT industry and to join in the investment, cooperation, production and spread of IOT industry, thus accomplishing the mission of the WIOTC.Internet of Things Innovation Alliance(IOTIA) Purpose: Work Together to Realize the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation and Forge the New Econo...


The World Internet of Things Research Institute (WIOTRI) is a global IoT research institute dedicated to the fourth era of “Wisdom Revolution”. It is the global IoT industry research institution of the World IoT Fund, World Internet of Things Convention and IoT Innovation Alliance. WIOTRI was founded by organizations such as the WIOTC, IOTIA, United World Chinese Association, World Chinese Business Alliance, International Association for the Internet of Things, Shanghai IoT Industry Association, China Federation of IoT Application and Promotion, IoT Century Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. and an elite group of economists, strategic advisers and academics such as He Xuming, founder of the World IoT Research Institute, Shen Changxiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Shen Jie, vice director of the Wuxi Sensing ...