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Globally headquartered in Beijing, China, World Internet of Things Convention (hereinafter referred to as "WIOTC")  is an internationally influential IoT organization that is authoritative, innovative and non-profit, also known as "IoT International Convention Organization". It is also a non-governmental organization (NGO) recognized by the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The organization has established directly affiliated agencies including Advisory Committee, WIOTC Organizing Committee, World IoT Economic Development Committee, World IoT Standard Working Organization Committee, World IoT Ranking List Working Committee, World IoT Foundation, World IoT Research Institute, and IoT Innovation Alliance as well as more than 20 global branches. In addition to setting up 17 industrial centers involving IoT Industry, Agriculture, Energy, Logistics, Culture and Education, Tourism, Healthcare, Smart City, Artificial Intelligence, Aerospace, Ecological and Environmental Protection, Transportation Auto Intelligence and Finance and other fields, WIOTC has also founded corporate platforms and entities such as Smarter Planet IoT Group, Inc. and IoT Century Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. The organization serves the mission and purpose of promoting the innovative development of world economy and society, benefitting people in terms of smart life and work and building a smart and intelligent world where all things are interconnected. It is also committed to carrying out the goal of urging countries from all over the world to formulate the IoT international convention and universally accepted standards, creating IoT new economic model and system for the reference of the world, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations and supporting the building of an interconnected community of a shared future for mankind.

Having successfully organized six annual conferences and over 100 international forums and summit sessions, WIOTC has also published the "Beijing Declaration on World IoT" and "World IoT White Paper", established the "World IoT Ranking List" and "World IoT Awards", and initiated the unending "IoT World Fair". The organization has fathered the theoretical basis of IoT representing "Wisdom Revolution", as well as the new cognition, definition, top-level architecture system of IoT, and IoT new economic models and sustainable development routes including global connection operating system and visualized real-time tracking and tracing plus commercial customization - the brainchild of the organization. It has won the recognition and support of UNESCO, UNDP, UNCTAD, ITU as well as international organizations including ISO, IEEE, IEC, CENELEC, and other 100 national government agencies and IoT associations; it has been paid much attention to and reported by thousands of mainstream media and think tanks such as Bloomberg, PR Newswire, DPA, World News, Qiushi Journal, the Development Research Center of the State Council of China, and Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China website, etc. WIOTC has forged friendly and cooperative partnerships with government agencies, ambassies, and enterprises from 100 some countries in the world, and more importantly, it has pooled valuable relational resources of more than 30 global IoT associations, R & D institutions, and standardization organizations from China, Germany, the United States and France, and so on. The organization is also home to products, technological resources and capitals of tens of thousands of global leading companies mainly represented by World IoT Top 500 Enterprises.

We welcome government organs, R & D institutions, social organizations, and enterprises from all countries and regions in the world to apply for the membership of our organization and join us to discuss and formulate IoT international convention, through which a foundation will be laid for establishing global interconnection and interconnectivity. The organization is creating the world’s first new type of IoT demonstration base in China and exploring the possibility of building IoT new economic model and digital economy industrial system, all of which will serve as references of importance to the IoT infrastructure construction and economic development for countries from all over the world.

We also welcome government agencies, international organizations, enterprises as well as experts and scholars around the world to join us for the aim of establishing a smart and intelligent world where all things are interconnected, promoting the innovative development of world economy and society, benefiting people in terms of smart life and work and working together for a new era of wisdom or smart revolution.

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WIOTC Organizational Structure

WIOTC (International IoT Convention Organization) Organizational Structure