Brand introduction


World Internet of Things Convention(WIOTC)

World-class IOT high-end event
International IOT Industry Economic Development Conference
The leading global conference of the World IOT New Economy


Global participation

International organizations such as UNESCO, ITU, ISO, IEC, IEEE, CENELEC, representatives of United Nations, the President of the European Commission, the President of the Philippines, the former Prime Minister of France, and the political leaders and envoys of various countries attended, delivered a speech or sent congratulatory message.


Covering 16 fields including industry, agriculture, energy, logistics, chemical industry, culture and education, tourism, health care, smart city, public affairs, artificial intelligence, aerospace, military and civilian technology, environmental protection, transportation and finance.

Multiple events

Since its establishment, WIOTC has organized more than 80 international conferences and forums such as the 2020WIOTC, 2019 WIOTC, 2018 WIOTC, World IoT Innovation and Application Forum, WIOTC China Summit, WIOTC Beijing Summit and WIOTC Web Summit.

New concept

WIOTC has created the top-level architecture system of the World IoT, innovated the definition of IoT, proposed the concept and cognition that IoT represents the "Wisdom Revolution", created the world IoT Ranking List (Top 500), released the "Beijing Declaration on the World IoT" and the World IoT White Paper, released the world IoT connection operating system. opened the online "World of Things Fair".

Rich resources

It has established friendly relations with ITU, UNESCO, UNCTAD, UNIDO, ISO, IEEE, agencies and diplomatic envoys of more than 100 countries, brought together more than 50 international IoT organizations, standards organizations and thousands of IoT enterprises.

Highly focused

More than 1,000 media have reported and reprinted around the world, including Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, PR Newswire, Bloomberg, AFP, News Corporation, etc.; mainstream media  such as the CPC official journal, Chinese ministries' newspapers and magazines and industry media reported and reprinted; think tanks of various countries compiled WIOTC reports.