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The 1st World IoT Awards Kicks Off


The World Internet of Things Foundation, the World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC), the Diplomatic Council and the World Internet of Things Research Institute jointly decide to launch the World IoT Awards, in order to encourage and commend the outstanding contributions made by enterprises, government agencies and scientific research talents from all over the world in promoting the new economy and innovative development defined by IoT, and further foster the new IoT-defined world economy, promote economic and social development and progress, encourage a smart life and intelligent work for people all over the world, help build the community of shared future for mankind, and facilitate the realization of the UN Millennium Development Goals. The deadline for registration is September 30, 2020, with the list of winners to be issued at the end of October 2020, and the award ceremony is planned to be held at the 2020 WIOTC. Enterprises, government agencies, business associations, multinational enterprises and scientific research talents from countries/ regions around the world are encouraged to register, recommend and nominate candidates to win the 2020 World IoT Awards!

It is reported that the World IoT Awards, a new brand of the WIOTC, is another major initiative taken by the WIOTC to promote the development of the world IoT. (Without authorization, it shall not be duplicated or used by any institution, organization or individual.) The awards of this year fall into several categories, including enterprises, technologies, products, development and application, services, figures, industry promotion, etc. The main objects to be solicited include papers and works concerning world-leading IoT enterprises, IoT products, technologies, solutions and cutting-edge innovative ideas, with applicants being national and regional government agencies, IoT enterprises, scientific research institutions as well as individuals that are engaged in the global frontier, making innovations, exploring and promoting the development of IoT. And the evaluation will be mainly based on the world-leading visualized real-time tracking, commercialized IoT technology industry, IoT output value and promotional services.

According to WIOTC, the international IoT organization, the World IoT Awards are established under the backdrop where the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the world's demand for accurate IoT data, traceability information and emergency equipment configuration of protection products. As such, it will promote the exploration and development of the new IoT-defined world economy and the construction of IoT economic market in various countries, encourage a smart life that can benefit people all over the world, build an intelligent world with the Internet of Everything, and facilitate the realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and Millennium Development Goals.