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Membership & Partnership

Membership & Partnership

Join WIOTC Presidium

World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC) is an IoT international convention organization that is innovative and non-profit (a non-governmental organization recognized by the United Nations Economic and Social Council). It is also the most influential and authoritative organization focusing on IoT digital economy in the world. Our presidium membership is open to government agencies, civil societies, research institutions, and businesses in all countries and regions in order to forge a synergy in achieving the goals of "Build a Smart World Where All Things are Interconnected" by driving the development of IoT new economy and market, narrowing the digital gap, and contributing to realizing the SDGs of the United Nations.

* For each and every country and region, the presidium will accept only one government agency which acts on the country's behalf to engage in the formulation and implementation of the World IoT Convention, and the coordination and organization of other related activities of the organization with other countries.
* For each and every country and region, the presidium may also accept multiple companies, research institutions, and civil societies as non-government members of the presidium.

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Become Our Partner

World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC) is also a leading world-class event focusing on IoT. The organization boasts important events including the Convention (annual conference), Summit, Forum, Ranking List, and the Award. We have successfully organized and convened seven annual conferences (2016 WIOTC •Beijing Summit, 2017 WIOTC •China Summit, 2018 WIOTC, 2019 WIOTC, 2020 WIOTC, 2021 WIOTC, 2022 WIOTC) and over 100 international forums and summit sessions. We have published the WIOTRL for six consecutive years, issued the World IoT Awards for three years, and launched the unending IoT World Fair for three years. The organization is recognized and supported by UN and UN agencies such as UNESCO, UNDP, UNCTAD, and ITU, as well as international organizations including ISO, IEEE, and IEC, and other 100 national government agencies and IoT associations. Meanwhile, the organization has forged friendly and cooperative partnership with government agencies, embassies, and enterprises from more than 100 countries.

We look forward to broader partnership with enterprises, civil societies, research institutions and government agencies, working together to organize the World Internet of Things Convention and its sub-brand events for set up an internationally influential platform for global technological exchanges and cooperation.

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Join WIOTC Global Commissions

The global specialized commissions are founded with the purpose of promoting the world's innovative development of economy and society; narrowing the digital gap; strengthening exchanges and cooperation among the global IoT businesses; helping the companies set up eco-markets with both upstream and downstream industrial chain and supply chain; building a global digital economy industry, market and eco-system that are supported by the Internet of Things; and formulating universal standards applicable to business groups under the IoT digital economy. The organization will select and mobilize leading companies across sectors, enterprises along the industrial chain, international organizations, and think-tanks to set up 17 sector-specific commissions on industry, agriculture, energy, logistics, smart city, artificial intelligence, health care, ecological environmental protection, security safety, transportation and auto intelligence, military technology, chemical industry, culture and education, tourism, public affairs, aerospace and finance. Each industry-specific commission is directly affiliated to WIOTC, following its principles, purposes and advantages and functioning as global agencies for industries of IoT digital economy.

We look forward to the support from multinational companies, leading companies, World IoT TOP 500 companies, and institutions in initiating and joining each commission, promoting together the global innovative development of the economy and society, and building a smart world where all things are interconnected.

Contact us: +86-10-83683677 membership@wiotc.org