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ISO President Spoke at the World Internet of Things Convention 2023


Hello, everyone.

I'm Ulrika Franka, ISO President.

And I'm delighted to join you by video today at the 2023 World Internet of Things Convention.

I would like to offer my congratulations to you for once again organizing such a successful event.

The past year has seen many extraordinary challenges across the globe.

These events have shaken us and caused untold damages to business, to people and to the planet.And yet in the midst of the darkness, there are undoubtedly sparks of light, glimpses of potential paths to a brightest, safer and more equitable world.In the face of discord,humankind is increasingly communicating and collaborating, seeking solutions to some of the problems we face through our shared knowledge and experience.

This explosion in global communication has been driven largely by digital connectivity, which transformed our lives during the difficult days of the pandemic.These virtual connections help friends and families stay in touch across the vast distances and are now also a crucial element of businesses, academia and politics.But of course, this connectivity goes far beyond computers and smartphones. It covers the entire global network of interconnected objects from cars to medical devices, to coffee machines. What we know as the Internet of Things, IoT, which has been slowly but surely transforming our world for the better for the past few years.

IoT already touches many aspects are daily lives from switching on the heating to parking of the car. And beyond our own doorstep, it's quietly but effectively linking objects and systems in the fields of energy, agriculture, transportation, finance, healthcare, tourism and education, and far beyond. The potential of IoT is limitless, and it's already evident in smart farming and smart manufacturing, where it has improved efficiency and transform traditional practices. A bove all,  interoperability across systems and international borders is essential in ensuring that the full potential other network is realized.

When 5G expands over the world and we get 6G. This will deliver extraordinary benefits for business and society. ISO standards and the work of our technical committees play a huge role here in establishing clear procedures and techniques for the implementation of the technology. Such interconnectivity naturally carries threats regarding IT security, cyber security and privacy protection.

The ISO/ IEC 27000 family of standards on information security management, therefore, offers consumers and businesses the reassurance they need. Similarly, international standards related to this year's hot topic, Artificial Intelligence, wil lay the groundwork for the creation and development of responsible, resilient AI systems, nurturing interoperability, safety and transparency across AI applications. This remarkable work owes much to the dedication of the AI experts who worked under the joint subcommittee of ISO and International Electrotechnical Committee, IEC.Their efforts will ensure that the benefits of ar are accessible, comprehensible and meaningful for everyone.

As you stand yet at another crossroads in human history, we have the opportunity to choose and to shape the path that lies ahead for the good of humanity and the planet. Corporation and collaboration are key, which is why the Word Internet of Things Convention is such an important event, a space in which different ideas, vision and expertise can be shared for the common good.

With the support of our member from China, SAC, our global network of members,  ISO promises to continue our work or collaboration and innovation in order to establish the use of standards as the framework upon which IoT can flourish.

I wish you every success in contributing to the process and then I would like to once again offer my thanks and congratulations to you all at this year's convention for embodying the spirit of cooperation and for helping to enable a fully connected world.

Thank you.