The WIOTC organizational structure and its responsibilities


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The WIOTC organizational structure and its responsibilities

1. WIOTC Presidium

Main responsibilities: permanent decision-making body

2. World IoT Expert Advisory Committee

Main responsibilities: think tanks for IoT policy formulation, economic technology, and market model consultation.

3. Secretariat of the WIOTC

Main responsibilities: permanent secretarial body for the organization and implementation of the WIOTC.

4. World IoT Standard Working Organization Committee

Main responsibilities: permanent body for the standard promotion, application and identification of the new economy of world IoT.

5. World IoT Economic Development Committee

Main responsibilities: to build operating organization for the global IoT intelligent economy industrial system; consist of the IoT industry, agriculture, energy, logistics, culture and education, tourism, health care, smart city, public affairs, artificial intelligence, aerospace, military and civilian science and technology, eco-environment protection, transportation, satellite IoT and finance.

6. World IoT Ranking List Working Committee

Main responsibilities: selection and election body for leading enterprises of global IoT construction, development and innovation.

7. World IoT Industry Research Institute

Main responsibilities: IoT industry development, architecture technology, market, business development and research, consulting services.

8. IoT Innovation Alliance

Main responsibilities: Permanent alliance organization for business cooperation and exchange of IoT enterprises and organizations.