About World Internet of Things Research Institute


World Internet of Things Research Institute (WIOTRI)

The World Internet of Things Research Institute (WIOTRI) is a global IoT research institute dedicated to the fourth era of “Wisdom Revolution”. It is the global IoT industry research institution of the World IoT Fund, World Internet of Things Convention and IoT Innovation Alliance. WIOTRI was founded by organizations such as the WIOTC, IOTIA, United World Chinese Association, World Chinese Business Alliance, International Association for the Internet of Things, Shanghai IoT Industry Association, China Federation of IoT Application and Promotion, IoT Century Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. and an elite group of economists, strategic advisers and academics such as He Xuming, founder of the World IoT Research Institute, Shen Changxiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Shen Jie, vice director of the Wuxi Sensing Net Industrialization Research Institute, Wu Ming, former vice premier of the Republic of Korea, Wu Jianping, professor of Tsinghua University, Liu Yanshen, professor of Central China Normal University and Zamir Ahmed Awan, technical counselor of the Pakistan Embassy. The Institute is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production, project cooperation, academic research, educational services and other services from the top-level architecture system of the IoT to applied technology, applied technical specifications and security.

WIOTRI gradually improves its research and development capability of top-level architecture technology in the basic industry and development of the IoT. It mainly develops the architecture, top-level frameworks and technical specifications for industrial application in more than ten fields, such as IoT application technology products, smart city, smart grid, internet of vehicles, intelligent logistics, WIT 120, intelligent manufacturing, smart education, intelligent petrochemical, intelligent agriculture, intelligent industrial monitoring, smart social management, headquarters economy, etc.

WIOTRI leads the development of the IoT industry at home and abroad with the innovative concept of combining industry, academics and study. It helps China's IoT standard technology and industry, serves the life, work and production of people all over the world, and serves the industrial system of world IoT.

WIOTRI accelerates the research and development of core technologies, combines the development status of international IoT technologies, comprehensively promotes the arrival of the fourth revolution of human society, and makes due contributions to the global high-tech development and economic system transformation. It will forge a new global economic model of the IoT, benefit people around the world with the intelligent IoT and further world peace.

WIOTRI gives full play to the ability of international technical talents in the IoT industry and makes full use of standards and specifications to achieve a combination of industry, academic and study, and effectively promote the upgrading of the IoT industry. In the future, WIOTRI will do a good job in the training of talents in short supply and core technology innovation and other related work for China and the world. It will be conducive to leading the Internet, sensor network to become the support of the IoT, and transforming and upgrading the technological achievements of cloud computing, big data, mass storage and other technologies into the IoT system.

WIOTRI actively participates in the formulation of international standards, national standards, and industry standards, and promotes the organic integration of the IoT application technology industry. Guided by market demand, WIOTRI will vigorously promoted the application of IoT technology to be widely used in smart city, smart agriculture, public security, aerotechnics, intelligent transportation system, smart grid, environmental monitoring and other industries, so as to guide the scale, industrialization, full chain system of IoT.

The construction of the WIOTRI should follow the principle of “innovation leading, integration and collaboration, openness and win-win”, aim at the frontier of development, adopt a new management, scientific research, incentive and operational mechanism, and establish a modern institution system and innovation platform that is in line with international standards. To support and lead the development of the IoT industry as the goal, market-oriented, driven by wealth creation, and enterprise operation as the model, integrate scientific and technological innovation and industrialization, gather top talents and teams at home and abroad, and establish a leading innovation institution that has a say in the development of emerging industries. Through the organic integration of "government, industry, academic, study, application and finance", relying on first-class research and development conditions and levels, providing technical support for the development of regional economy, incubating high-growth IoT industrial technology enterprises, thereby achieving the goal of unity of innovation, entrepreneurship and wealth creation.