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World Internet of Things Convention 2023 Slated for November in Beijing


The World Internet of Things Convention 2023, hosted by the international organization "World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC)", will take place from November 19 to 21, 2023 at China National Convention Center in Beijing, China.

Themed "New IoT, New Economy and New Era", this annual conference will consist of Opening Ceremony, Opening Main Forum, World New Economic Forum, Ambassador Forum, High-level Roundtable Dialogue, Government Investment Promotion Forums, Enterprise Special Sessions including Haier Group Promotion Forum as well as ten plus parallel forums related to industry, agriculture, energy, transportation and auto intelligence, AI, smart logistics, IoT finance, healthcare, culture, tourism and education, Cellular IoT Technology and Innovative Application, etc, Included in this annual event are also activities such as founding ceremonies of WIOTC's affiliated global commissions featuring AI, smart logistics, healthcare, IoT finance and awarding ceremony of  World IoT Awards 2023, etc. We have sent invitations to the United Nations Secretary-General, government leaders from various countries, heads of international organizations as well as ambassadors and diplomatic envoys to China for participation. At the same time, related entrepreneurs as well as presidents and chairmen from World Top 500 Enterprises, together with thousands of guests, will attend the event. The topics such as the building of a global market of digital economy which is fully and intelligently connected, new generation of intelligent technology and sustainable and innovative development of digital economy will be highlighted at the annual convention. Hundreds of main media including World News, PR Newswire, Europe Press, Xinhua News Agency, CGTN, CCTV, People’s Daily will report and collect news about this international conference.

The World Internet of Things Convention, or WIOTC, is an IoT international convention organization that is innovative and nonprofit with global impact. Having organized and convened 7 annual conventions and over 200 international summits and forums, the organization has boasted a conference brand focusing on IoT digital economy with international influence, high-end and leading characteristics. The United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres participated in and addressed the World Internet of Things Convention (The UN official website published the speech). At the same time, heads of state including the then President of the Republic of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte sent the congratulatory messages to the World Internet of Things Convention for consecutive 4 years during his term and former political leaders such as French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin participated in and addressed the World Internet of Things Convention on site. Other Ministerial level leaders and international organization leaders also participated in and spoke at the global event on a regular basis.

In addition to its host the international organization "World Internet of Things Convention", this year's annual convention is also cohosted or co-organized by the Diplomatic Council, World Green Design Organization, Communication Weekly of China Center for Information Industry Development, Chinese Institute of New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Strategies, WIOTC Digital Agriculture Commission, etc. We will launch the Initiative "Build the Fully Connected Digital Economy Market". The organization is committed to promoting the development of interconnected digital economy, driving the innovation and progress of world economy and society, helping reduce the digital gap, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and benefiting people in terms of smart life, production and work.

We welcome governments from all countries, global enterprises and all walks of life to register the World Internet of Things Convention 2023 (Registration link: http://www.wiotc.org/en/events/convention/2023wiotc). Join us to know about the future digital economy world, grasp the direction of transition of digital economy. Let’s work for the building of fully connected digital economy market and the building of a fully interconnected smart world.