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2022 World IoT Ranking List Top 500 Released


This year’s World IoT Ranking List Top 500 was officially at the World IoT Top 500 Summit which was held on August 5, 2022 in Beijing.

The World IoT Ranking List Top 500, known as WIOTRL Top 500, has been released for consecutive five years. This year’s ranking list was selected from enterprises specialized in IoT technology and digital economy from over 100 countries. Top 500 enterprises on the WIOTRL account for 70 percent of the output and innovative outcomes of digital economy around the globe and represent the development trend of technological and digital economy in the world.

2022 World IoT Ranking List Top 500 Released

Different from the past ranking lists, this year’s WIOTRL encompasses new added “WIOTRL Gold List” and “WIOTRL Silver List” as well as “Industrial Ranking List” and “WIOTRL Bronze List, which demonstrate the strength and innovative competence of a large number of leading enterprises featuring IoT and digital economy. The World IoT Ranking List has become a most authoritative ranking list focusing on global IoT and digital economy, which has great significance for and exert big influence on the digital economy underpinned by internet of things. The WIOTRL Top 500 enterprises, including Huawei, IBM, Bosch, Intel, CASICloud, Haier, China Telecom, Nokia and Baidu, led the pack again this year. Of particular note, Huawei has topped WIOTRL Top 500 for six years in a row; Haier rose quickly to enter Top 10 of the Gold List. Companies engaged in IoT and digital economy from almost 100 countries appeared on the 2022 World IoT Ranking List Top 500.