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2018 WIOTC grandly held in Beijing


2018 World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC) was held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing on October 20. He Pijie, Standing Committee Member and Deputy Secretary-General of the CPPCC and Marielza Oliveira, Director of UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office delivered the opening speech. He Xuming, WIOTC Executive Chairman made a keynote speech of “Energizing World IoT•Creating Smart Economy”. Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering gave a keynote speech of “Supporting Technology of Industrial IoT”. The President of the Philippines Duterte, the former French Prime Minister RAFFARIN, European Commission, President of the Swiss Confederation and other heads of countries and regions send a congratulatory letter or email to express congratulations. Representatives of international IoT enterprises, experts and scholars conducted several forums and high-end dialogues on the theme of sustainable development of the world IoT, such as the World internet of everything, smart economy, smart city, the construction of industrialized market of the smart economy, and the IoT standards. The first World IoT White Paper was published in both Chinese and English, and the top 500 enterprises of the 2018 World IoT Ranking List were solemnly announced. The establishment of the WIOT Standard Working Organization Committee and the Satellite IoT Industry Alliance pushed the convention to a climax. More than 1000 guests attended the convention, including representatives of diplomatic envoys, government agencies, experts and scholars, well-known enterprises, organizations, and media from more than 30 countries such as China, Germany, Britain, France, the United States, Austria, the Philippines, Guyana, Benin, and Slovakia. Liang Zi, Deputy Secretary-General and news spokesman of WIOTC, hosted the convention.


2018 WIOTC

He Pijie, Standing Committee Member and Deputy Secretary-General of the CPPCC, delivered an opening speech

In his opening speech, Deputy Secretary-General He Pijie said, "The in-depth development of information technology has brought about new industries and spurred the growth of the world economy. The smart economy, which is based on the IoT, develops in a new economic organization and business model of ecological and clustered, showing a new trend of reshaping the pattern of the times. The output value of China's IoT has exceeded the trillion mark, and it has reached the forefront of the world in the innovation and development of IoT applications, exploring new ways for the development of the world's new economy. The first World IoT White Paper will provide guidance for the development of the new IoT economy, the construction of IoT in various countries, and the sustainable development of the IoT. It can provide reference for the development of IoT applications and smart industries in countries around the world.” He pointed out the technical scope that the World IoT should break through and explored and promoted the industrial revolution of the smart economy with "synergistic thinking." He encouraged Chinese enterprises to participate so as to benefit the intelligent life and work of the people all over the world, and practice the community of shared future for mankind advocated by President Xi.

Ms. Marielza Oliveira, Director of UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office, made an opening speech

Marielza Oliveira, Director of UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office, said in her speech, “We hope that the IoT can reach more people and this sustainable technology can build a reliable ecosystem around the world to support the sustainable development of the global society.” UNESCO hopes that the IoT can play an active role in monitoring pollution, ensuring water sources, improving medical and health services, improving irrigation technology and agricultural productivity, and strengthening control over energy use.

Keynote speech by He Xuming, Executive Chairman of WIOTC

He Xuming, executive chairman of WIOTC, explained the basis on which world IoT was formed, meaning of its development, as well as its mission and function, bringing up the framework of world IoT and its development trend. He summarized the construction and current development of world IoT in major countries of the world, saying that “China, whose output value of IoT reached one trillion this year, is in possession of the largest amount of applications and practices of IoT and is ahead of the world in setting standards; developed countries like Germany play a leading role in exploration and application of industrial IoT; United States of America, with its advanced network technologies, is making great strides into the smart economy industry. By 2050, there will be more than one hundred billion objects connected to IoT and its market value is expected to reach a hundred trillion US dollars.” He summarized the advantages and existing problems in the development of global IoT, pointed out the direction of IoT sustainable development, explained the background information of World IoT White Paper, and the architecture, attributes and future development of world IoT, came up with suggestions concerning how to construct IoT and how to set an industrialized market for world smart economy, and called for governments to encourage the development of IoT industry by taking China as an example, taking IoT into consideration in their strategic planning of national economy, setting up specialized agency for IoT, building regional and national IoT demonstration bases and promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. He expressed the vision that the WIOTC would actively promote the development of world IoT industry, benefit the smart life and work of the public, help building a community of shared future for mankind, as well as assist the achievement of 2030 Goals and Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.

Keynote speech by Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

In the keynote speech of “Supporting Technology of Industrial IoT”, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wu Hequan said, “The era of IoT artificial intelligence and big data have challenged our human society and brought great opportunities. A new technological revolution and new industrial revolution are underway. Some studies suggest that by 2020, the output value of global Industrial IoT will reach $151 billion, and the use of the IoT is expected to bring $1.9 trillion in productivity and $177 billion in production cost reduction. Supporting technologies of Industrial IoT mainly include big data, artificial intelligence, information security, mobile Internet, 5G, IoT, cloud computing, Blockchain, etc. While in industrial applications, related technologies such as advanced manufacturing technologies, robots, cyber physical system are also needed.” He pointed out that “the greater market value of industrial IoT is reflected in the application of vertical industries. Industrial IoT will be widely applied to industrial manufacturing, production services, warehousing, procurement, delivery, manufacturing, processing, production, environmental monitoring, production personnel management, logistics and distribution, maintenance and repair, etc. , whose functions include remote sensing detection, location and tracking, mobility management and so on."

Left: Zhang Qi, Chairperson of China Internet of Things Trade Association;
Right: Harvey Dzodin, former US Presidential Adviser and Researcher of CCG

Chairperson of China Internet of Things Trade Association Zhang Qi gave a thorough presentation of the development of IoT in China, all the way from the 1993 Golden Card Project, which laid a solid social, application and industrial foundation for the application of IoT sensing technology, to the establishment of working group for standard information construction. Great changes have taken place in the past twenty-five years, which contributed to the output value of Chinese IoT, worth more than one trillion. She believed that WIOTC would spread the experiences to the world and benefit the public in a global sense.

Former US presidential adviser Mr. Harvey said that “WIOTC is a global platform for the communication and cooperation of the construction of world IoT and development of world IoT economy. I’m glad to be part of it and happy to see the positive influence it exerts on the global IoT. Although the trade friction between US and China brings uncertainties to the world economy, it is contemporary and the situation will be better soon. IoT enables people to live and work in an easier way. We should take action and make contribution to the progress and development of human society.”

High-end dialogue: IoT Builds a Smart World

Representatives of well-known enterprises and associations of IoT, including Lin Xin, Executive Chairman of Shenzhen Association of IoT, Michael Liu, Sales Executive of Siemens Industry Software, Chen Yaxin, Vice Director of Huawei China Strategy MKT Dept, Tony Zheng, Strategic business Director of SAP China Research Institute, Wang Zhiliang, Chairman of Beijing Institute of IoT, Wang Lihua, Deputy Manager of China Unicom IOT Co., LTD Sales Support Center, and Jiang Jian, Deputy General Manager of China Telecom IoT Branch Industrial Chain Cooperation held a high-end dialogue on "What can the IoT bring to the public life, how to apply the IoT to the operation management of the country and society, whether the IoT can be industrialized and stimulate economic growth”. Their opinions let people be full of the prospects for the development of the IoT smart economy.

The first World IoT White Paper released in both Chinese and English, Zhang Hua, Vice-chairman of WIOTC Organizing Committee, elaborated upon it

Both the Chinese and English versions of the first World IoT White Paper were released, which serves as an important guide to the development of world IoT. Zhang Hua, vice chairman of WIOTC Organizing Committee, elaborated the paper, focusing on the recognition, definition, architecture and standard requirement of the world IoT where everything is interconnected. He also made a thorough presentation of the development of IoT smart economy and held that the paper would be of vital importance in the achievement of a healthy and sustainable development of global IoT and in the establishment of a smart world where everything interconnects with each other.

Following are several forums, covering topics of IoT standards, IoT and 5G, IoT new economy, smart city, and the development IoT industrial economy. Paying their attention to the most hotly discussed issue of IoT like the exploration, research, development and application of technologies, industrial development, the establishment of global market, the improvement of the public’s life and work, as well as social governance in both regional and social levels, enterprise managers, experts and envoys from all over the world freely and actively expressed their opinions. Their concern covered a wide range of fields, from IoT application and architecture technology in industry, agriculture, intellectual manufacturing, and artificial intelligence to that in Blockchain.

The establishment of WIOT Standard Working Organization Committee and that of WIOTC Satellite IoT Industry Alliance were announced. The chairman of GUODIAN HI-TECH and the initiator of Satellite IoT Industry Alliance Lv Qiang introduced the exploration, development and application of satellite IoT. He mentioned that after the technical verification of experimental satellite, the first operational satellite of Tian Qi Satellite Constellation would be launched on October 29, and the flowing 37 satellites specialized for IoT would all be launched by 2020. The tremendous achievement won applause from all present, giving rises to the great atmosphere of the convention.

WIOT Standard Working Organization Committee established; Satellite IoT Industry Alliance established; Lv Qiang, initiator of the Alliance and Chairman of GUODIAN HI-TECH introduced the application, exploration and development of satellite IoT

In the thematic forum of smart city, Excellent Enterprises of World IoT Ranking List were issued certificates; in the thematic forum of IoT Industry Development Forum, the 2018 World Internet of Things Ranking List was officially unveiled. Huawei, Qualcomm, Bosch, Google, Cisco, IBM, China Unicom and other 500 global IoT leading enterprises ranked on the list. 2019 "IoT China" Beijing Division officially launched.

2018 WIOTC marks a new beginning of world IoT, which plans the development route and architecture of world IoT, releases the World IoT White Paper, and provides suggestions on the construction of IoT and sustainable development of smart economy industry. The convention aims to promote a healthy and sustainable development of world IoT, make life smarter and manufacturing more intelligent, help building a community of shared future for mankind, and benefit the construction of a smart world where everything interconnects.