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“Smart City Innovation”communicative convention was held successfully in Beijing


Focused on the NPC&CPPCC sessions this year, Internet of things becomes a hot topic of NPC&CPPCC members once again. In the Work report of prime minister Li Keqiang, he stressed to construct Internet of things application infrastructure and service platform, in order to serve the public better.

Representative of NPC and committee member of NPC came to World Internet of Things Convention organization committee for research and consultation during CPPCC&NPC session.

Representatives of CPPCC and NPC pay high attention to World Internet of things convention; many local governments in China compete for the right of hosting world Internet of things convention. After CPPCC member  Wang Donglin just finished conducting research and consultation of World Internet of things convention, Internet of things innovation alliance immediately held "Smart City Innovation" communication conference successfully on March 12.

"Smart City Innovation"city leaders' round table conference,multiple local government representatives attend the communication conference field successively

During the round table forum with city leaders in the morning, under the participate of important Convention organization committees, Da Lian city government officials and multiple organizations, World Internet of things address and experience about smart city had been communicated and discussed. Dalian municipal government representative pointed out, as the important port fortress, we have good opportunities in the development of logistics, also as one of the host city of the davos, we have the ability to do a good job in the World Internet of things convention. Hope that convention could go to Da lian, building a more advanced Internet of things smart city innovation demonstration base.

Chairman HeXuMing of World Internet of things convention presented a wonderful speech

In the afternoon, executive chairman of World Internet of things convention interpreted the new concept of Internet of things to everybody, including three stages: First, basic network and the basis stage of hardware and software facilities 'improvement; Second, intelligent network's production upgrade to intelligent stage of overall work, life and production; Third, intelligent stage, on the basis of intelligent work, production and life, all products and things involved in the production, work and life formed the huge data chain, becoming the reference of machine intelligence. When these references are made comprehensive comparison, analysis and calculations, new and more perfect, more scientific and more advanced items and species will be produced. This is all about Internet of things intelligent revolution era.

Executive CEO of Internet of things century convention and exhibition Co., LTD-He Qiang introduced situation and latest progress of World Internet of things; members of NPC&CPPCC sessions came to organizing committee for research and consultation; smart city mayors nationwide had a round table conference with the organizing committee; All local governments communicated actively with the organizing committee about convention's sub-forum and their locations.

Internet of things innovation alliance activities introduced the information that Internet of things innovation alliance, which was initiated by the World Chinese business alliance and World Internet of things convention organizing committee, was reproduced by the Central Internet Information office.

During this communicative meeting, executive chairman of World Internet of things Convention- He Xuming shows the smart city architecture diagram of the Internet of things era. This architecture diagram fills the reference structure for the local government to carry out the current smart city activity. It helps to demonstrate functional frame structure clearly for the smart city pilot cities, research organizations and construction enterprise, and to understand the nature and effective construction application foundation of the smart city in the Internet of things era.

Executive chairman of World Internet of things-He Xuming, director of Internet of things innovation alliance-Zhang Hua respectively answered to media and enterprises on questions about how to attend convention and the development direction of Internet of things innovation alliance and so on.

Before and after the meeting, GeFenWei robot and XiaoYi robot introduced their products respectively, and also indicated their willing to host the Robot forum for the World Internet of things convention.