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Notice on the Opening of 2022 WIOTC


Dear national / regional government agencies, IoT enterprises, R & D institutes, international organizations and business associations,

For the purpose of advancing the innovative development of global IoT digital economy, the building of industrial and ecological market related to IoT digital economy, the recovery of world economy in the post-epidemic era, the building of a community of a shared future for mankind and the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the 2022 World Internet of Things Convention (The Seventh WIOTC Annual Conference) will be held on December 2022 in Beijing, China. Representatives from UN agencies, government officials, ambassadors, counsellors, academicians, experts, scholars from nearly 100 countries as well as executives from World IoT Top 500 enterprises, and representatives from international thinktanks and business associations will be invited to attend the annual conference, which will attract the attention and participation of nearly ten million viewers online and offline.

2022 World Internet of Things Convention will consist of opening ceremony, ambassador forum, high-level dialogue, world new economy forum, state promotion meeting, special sessions for government and enterprise as well as multiple industrial forums. The highlights also include the awarding ceremony of 2022 World IoT Awards involving the categories of person, enterprise and project, and the founding ceremony of WIOTC’s affiliated commissions on industry, agriculture, energy, transportation and auto intelligence, etc. The online exhibition IoT World Fair will be officially launched during the annual conference.

We welcome government agencies, enterprises, thinktanks and institution to apply for the membership of the organization’s affiliated commissions, establish the investment attraction and promotion sections of government agency, and launch special forums for enterprises, and special forums focusing on various sectors. We also sincerely welcome global IoT technological enterprises, social organizations, societies, international organizations, government agencies, and media to provide the support of sponsorship, speech, release of latest outcomes, participation and exhibition.

We hereby announce the notice.

WIOTC Organizing Committee

29 September, 2022

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