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2022 WIOTRL Top 500 Selection Announcement


Government organs, international organizations, business associations, and IoT enterprises,:

Since its inception in 2017, the World Internet of Things Ranking List, known as WIOTRL, is committed to encouraging the innovation of IoT enterprises and organizations of all countries in the world, promoting the infrastructural construction of internet of things and the development of digital economy, supporting traditional companies in the transformation and updating of internet of things, building a new economic market of global internet of things, commending new structural models and systems of internet of things and new integrated intelligent products and solutions, boosting social progress and development of global new economy, benefiting people in terms of smart and intelligent life, work and production and contributing to the achievement of UN SDGs.

WIOTRL has become the most fair and authoritative IoT top 500 ranking list worldwide, steering many countries toward the sustainable development and progress of IoT and serving as a bolster to the economic development of the IoT industry in the world. The past five WIOTRL activities have attracted more than 100,000 companies from more than 80 countries around the world. IoT giants like Huawei, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Intel, Rostelecom, Vodafon, Bosch, SAP, Infineon, Nokia, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom have led the pack in the ranking list. It has won high attention through articles and publications being reported and reposted by thousands of media around the world and the international community as well.

In order to facilitate the application, recommendation, and evaluation of top 500 enterprises of WIOTRL , ensure the openness and fairness of the process, demonstrate the strength of IoT companies around the world, and encourage the global upgrade of enterprises towards IoT, World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC) and its WIOTRL Working Committee decide to initiate the work of the 2022 WIOTRL as of today and start the application and recommendation of the participating companies of WIOTRL until May 31, 2022. The ranking list this year covers such industrial areas as industry, health care, agriculture, artificial intelligence, logistics, transportation and vehicle federation, environmental protection and energy, 5G networks, modern service industries and other industries, and at the same time involving technological fields like perception, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence solutions, as well as software and hardware products.

Registered companies will become a product and technology supplier of the “International IoT Industry Demonstration Base”, may apply for the opportunity to ask WIOTC and WIOTRL working committee to make a fact-finding research while displaying products on the World IoT Trade Fair (online) platform, and, more importantly, having the chance to win the World IoT Awards. The WIOTRL’s top 500 enterprises will be awarded certificates at World IoT 500 Top Enterprises Summit (scheduled to open in July).

We welcome government agencies, social organizations, and IoT companies from all over the world to actively apply for the honor of outstanding world IoT companies, compete in the WIOTRL, and appear on the 2022 WIOTRL.

Attachments:1.2022 WIOTRL Declaration and Implementation Measures (Download)

2.2022 WIOTRL Registration Form (Download)

3.Members' Name List of 2022 WIOTRL Organization Work



World Internet of Things Convention

World IoT Ranking List Working Committee

February 28, 2022

Ranking review process and schedule:

application and registration (before April 2022) → pre-selection (May 2022) →selected rankings (middle June 2022) → public announcement to solicit social opinions (end of June 2022) → official announcement (July)

Publicity website:

Members' Name List of 2022 WIOTRL Organization Work

(in no particular order)

General Technical Supervisor:

WIOTC Expert Advisory Committee, European Committee for Standardization of Electrical Engineering, Russian Industrial Internet Association, Li Bohu, Wu Hequan, Karen, Ni Guangnan

Global Coordinator:He Qiang, Shen Jie, Wu Peijuan, Wu Shixi

Convener of Europe:Andrey Kolesnikov, Huong TAN, Luciën Tjon, Sophia, Martin Schnauss, Juan WU, Jing Li

Convener of Asia:Zhao Zhigang, Zhou Yicheng, Zhu Chenxia, Wang Shuai

Convener of the Americas:Wang Pengfei, Harvey Dzodin

Convener of Africa:Wu Shixi

Convener of Oceania:Shen Jianhe

Convener of the Middle EastMAJID RASOULI DISFANI

Convener of China (including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan):Zhang Hua, Wang Feng, Zhuang Hong, Zhao Zhigang, Xu Pengcheng, Liang Zi, Zeng Ming, Gao Fangzhi, Bao Limei, Zhao Feng, Li Hongying, Dong Zhiyong

2022 WIOTRL contact details:(only accept supervision and feedback)

Tel: 0086-10-83683677    Fax: 0086-10-83671280